personal_trainerphotoone1141240176I also do personal training sessions as well. Although I’m selective with my clients, as I found out through experience that most people don’t really want to work at improving their bodies and health threw knowledge and effort. They are hoping for some miracle pill etc to do it all for them while they sit on their ass. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Thus if your not dedicated and willing to bust your ass, please don’t waste my time! I will not sugar coat things or tell you what you want to hear if its not the truth. I’m brutally honest and if you don’t have the heart for it, save us both the time and go do your cheesy home workout videos or eat milk and cookies all night or whatever. I believe that their are many different yet affective ways to train plus a time and place for everything and even eating your favorite foods.
I am a very creative cook and creative with my training methods as well! So it doesn’t have to be boring. Hard work Yes! Boring…No!

The national average for a personal training session is around $45 or more per session. I often will charge less. But My fees depend on where we are training and if you are looking for on-going training or just hiring me for a few sessions to get you on a workout then will workout on your own. In that case, you could then hire me again 1-2 months later for new workouts etc. I tailor workouts and nutrition around you and your needs. I will help you with nutrition, proper form, stretching knowledge etc. But again you must provide the effort. I can train you out of your home if you have some equipment. Many of the gyms have the personal trainers and won’t like me in there training you, so if we did it that way, it would have to be secretive and you might have to buy me a membership to your gym. I do have a weight room in a friends basement as well. If interested, please contact me.